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Abaarso Network enables transformative change through educating and empowering the human capital needed to achieve ethical and effective development. 

After Abaarso School’s initial success was clear, it became apparent that the mission of the Abaarso Network could be addressed in an even more significant way.

So in 2017 Barwaaqo University was born, becoming the first and only female boarding university in Somaliland. Barwaaqo addresses two main issues: the lack of job opportunities for women in Somaliland and the lack of trained teachers available. Somali girls desperately need more positive female role models and educational opportunities that prepare them for careers that can fulfill their dreams and make a true difference to society. As of 2023, Barwaaqo has launched a pilot Bachelor’s in International Communications.  

Then in 2019, Kaabe Schools was founded as the first and only Montessori-inspired school system in Somaliland. Kaabe focuses on student-centered learning and building positive relationships with local communities. These schools are staffed mostly with teachers from Barwaaqo University, who are specifically prepared to teach Kaabe’s Montessori curriculum, and managed by Abaarso School alumni who have returned after graduating from universities abroad. In five years, Kaabe has opened five campuses across Somaliland. More than 90% of Kaabe teachers are graduates from the Barwaaqo University Teachers College. This system is scalable, sustainable, and operated predominantly by homegrown Somali talent.

Abaarso Network’s alumni will be the new generation of educated and ethical leaders in Somaliland, solving core infrastructure challenges.