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The Challenge

Abaarso’s success is crucial for the hope of a better tomorrow.

The History

Somalia and Somaliland are located in the “Horn of Africa,” the easternmost peninsula in Northeast Africa.  In May 1991, after a brutal civil war, the Republic of Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia. Somaliland has made great strides, including establishing a stable government with peaceful elections.

Still, Somaliland remains unrecognized internationally, and the combined area of Somaliland and Somalia has been ranked as the 2nd most Fragile State in the world by The Fund for Peace for most of the past decade.

The Future Need

The impact of the civil war still lingers with unemployment at over 75% and critical challenges in core infrastructure areas such as sanitation, water, energy, roads, and education. It is impossible to imagine these core problems resolving without a new generation of educated and ethical leaders. This is precisely why Abaarso’s success is so crucial for the hope of a better tomorrow.