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Press Releases
Horn Diplomat - Posted 4 years ago
DP World announces a partnership with Abaarso School in Somaliland

"DP World has announced a partnership with Abaarso School in Somaliland, to dynamically enhance educational opportunities for young individuals."

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Forbes - Posted 7 years ago
Wall Street-Sponsored School In Somaliland Finds Its Way In The Age Of Trump

"Herding goats and camels in Somalia as a teenager, Mubarik Mohamoud had no idea he would go to college – let alone attend one of the world’s most prestigious universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

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60 Minutes | CBS News - Posted 7 years ago
Starr Students

Abaarso, its students, and founder, Jonathan Starr, were all featured on a 60 Minutes and 60 Minutes Overtime segment.

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The New York Times - Posted 7 years ago
From Somaliland to Harvard

NYT columnist, Nicholas Kristof, writes about Abaarso alumnus and Harvard student, Abdisamad.

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Morning Joe | MSNBC - Posted 7 years ago
How One School Thrived In A 'Failed State'

Our founder, Jonathan Starr, left his former career as a hedge fund manager to establish Abaarso. Jonathan appears on Morning Joe to discuss his new book, It Takes a School, and how a US travel ban on seven Muslim-majoirty countries would jeopardize students' educations and futures.

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BBC World Service - Posted 7 years ago
Somaliland Kid Makes It to Harvard

BBC Newsday interviews Abaarso alumnus and Harvard student, Abdisamad, and Jonathan Starr.

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CBC Radio - Posted 7 years ago
Somali school paves way for students to get into Harvard, MIT

CBC Radio interviews Abaarso alumnus studying at Harvard, Abdisamad Adan, and our founder, Jonathan Starr, about the success and founding of Abaarso.

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The Tab - Posted 7 years ago
In Somaliland, girls are expected to marry young and become mothers. Now she’s studying at a top US college

Sahra Jaamac’s experience as a Somali girl and now at sophomore at Brandeis University studying Neuroscience.

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A Plus - Posted 7 years ago
This Former Hedge Fund Manager Dropped Everything To Start A School In Somaliland

A Plus recounts the beginning of Abaarso all the way to its successes of today, including the story of Mubarik Mohamoud who went from being a nomadic goat herder to a student at MIT and Nimo Ismail who was the first from Abaarso to get into college with a full ride.

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The Tab - Posted 7 years ago
In her home country, girls are expected to be quiet. Now she’s on her way to America’s best women’s college

Shukri Ali's experience as a Somali girl and her journey to Wellesley College.

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Community Advocate - Posted 7 years ago
Westborough author builds school for children in Africa

Local MA news source, Community Advocate, reports on our founder, Jonathan Starr, his book, starting Abaarso, and Abaarso's success.

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The Tab - Posted 7 years ago
I used to herd goats in Ethiopia and now I finished a degree at MIT

The incredible ad inspiring story of Mubarik Mohamoud who used grew up herding goats and camels and is now completing a master's degree in computer science at MIT.

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CNN Money - Posted 7 years ago
Somaliland students to Trump: You're destroying our dreams

President Trump's decision to ban the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries has jeopardized the university dreams of hundreds of students from the self-declared republic of Somaliland.

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Bloomberg News - Posted 7 years ago
Jonathan Starr’s Interview with Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News interviews Jonathan Starr on founding Abaarso School.

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The Boston Globe - Posted 7 years ago
Writing a success story in Somaliland

The Boston Globe features our founder, Jonathan Starr, about the founding and success of Abaarso.

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The Huffington Post - Posted 7 years ago
Helping Immigrants Build Somalia’s Future, One School At A Time

The Huffington Post reports on SAFE’s contribution to Abaarso School.

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The Wall Street Journal - Posted 7 years ago
The ‘Business’ of International Aid

Founder and director, Jonathan Starr, outlines Abaarso’s unique approach to development.

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Emory - Posted 7 years ago
An Unlikely Education

Emory Magazine features Emory alumnus, Jonathan Starr, and Abaarso School.

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The Christian Science Monitor - Posted 7 years ago
Abaarso School, Run Like a Business, Brings Top-Notch Education to Somalia

The Christian Science Monitor examines Abaarso’s unique model of operations.

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David Shinn - Posted 7 years ago
Somaliland: Education Success Story

US Ambassador David H. Shinn blogs about Abaarso School’s first graduating class.

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ESPN - Posted 7 years ago
NMH’s Hussein Named Gatorade XC Runner of Year

ESPN highlights Abaarso alumnus Mohamed Hussein’s remarkable achievements in running.

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Life in Worcester Far Different from Homeland in Somaliland

Worcester Telegram reports on Deqa Abdirahman Aden’s scholarship to Worcester Academy.

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The Gulf Time - Posted 7 years ago
Sheikha Fatima Empowers Finalists to Finish ZFEP Project

Gulf Times reports on Sheikha Fatima’s donation to Abaarso, a two time Zayed Future Energy Prize finalist.

Star Tribune - Posted 7 years ago
Two Minnesotans find fulfillment teaching in Somalia

The Star Tribune reports on the experiences of two former teachers, Kelly Heller and Ava Ramberg.

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CNN Money - Posted 7 years ago
Somaliland to Harvard: How This Student Beat the Odds

CNN Money reports on Abdisamad Aden’s remarkable admission to Harvard University.

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Wardheer News - Posted 7 years ago
An Interview With Abaarso’s Headmaster and Founder, Jonathan Starr

Wardheer, a Somali online paper, interviews Jonathan Starr.

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Greenwich Time - Posted 7 years ago
Wall Streeter turned Somaliland school headmaster

Founder, Jonathan Starr, spoke at The Nantucket Project Library in Greenwich about his journey from hedge fund manager to the opening of Abaarso School.

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