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Educational Excellence To educate future generations of Somalis by providing quality higher education options and supporting strong primary school education for tens of thousands of deserving children.

Our Progress

We believe that brilliance knows no boundaries. Abaarso students are admitted on raw potential and then challenged to achieve true excellence.  Despite starting Abaarso with only early elementary school Math and English skills, students gain 2+ grade levels per year and graduate prepared for top universities across the globe. There are currently 82 Abaarso students studying on scholarships at international boarding schools/universities, including the impressive examples below:

Our Future Plans

The first alumni classes from Abaarso have already graduated from universities abroad and returned to help found and grow Barwaaqo University and Kaabe Schools. Others have earned top jobs in the US or UK at places like the World Bank, Goldman Sachs, or Bain Consulting. We will continue to work with Abaarso alumni domestically and abroad to help build a brighter future for Somali society.  Our ambitious plans for the future are driven by our focus on:

What Students are Saying

“the teachers at Abaarso set high standards for us…they also believe that we can achieve these higher standards and that makes us believe in ourselves”
– Nimco Ismail