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Our Goal

Exemplary Leaders

To develop the next generation of Somali leaders who will effectively and ethically advance their society across all sectors from education to business, government, healthcare and technology.

Our Progress

Abaarso strives to create great people, not simply great students. From their very first days on campus,  students learn the Abaarso values of “Integrity,”, “Tenacity,” and “Reasoning.”  In spite of their own potentially challenging circumstances, all students are also required to “give back” through community service whether tutoring local village students or educating children at the orphanage.

What Students are Saying

“Coming to this school actually opened my eyes and showed me the importance of community service…I feel like Abaarso is a school that’s building the future leaders of this country”

– Ubah Ali

Our Future Plans

The first alumni class of Abaarso students will soon be graduating from college. Several of them have already demonstrated their commitment to giving back to their country, signing on as teachers for the upcoming Abaarso school year.  Others are honing their skills abroad with the plan to return home even stronger.