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Their Next Steps Will Be Bold Abaarso students go on to attend many of the best boarding schools, colleges, and universities in the world.

Post-Abaarso Services 

Abaarso students get to know themselves and the world around them during their time on our campus. They develop personal, professional, and 21st-century skills through leadership and other classroom training, then apply what they’ve learned in on- and off-campus internships and by volunteering in our community. The Post-Abaarso Services team helps guide students as they explore opportunities such as transferring to a U.S. boarding school or United World College, applying for tertiary education abroad, and moving directly into employment.

Below is a list of the institutions that have admitted and fully funded Abaarso students since 2013

Connect with the PA Services Team

To learn about how we select students, about our curriculum, our grading, and more, please click below to view and download a PDF version of our 2023-24 School Profile.

To connect directly, please write to Elizabeth Ollerhead, Director of Post-Abaarso Services, at