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Forging a path for the girls of tomorrow
Yale Class of 2020

Nadira's Journey


From herding camels to engineering at MIT

MIT Class of 2017

Mubarik's journey


Dreaming of one day leading a nation

Harvard Class of 2019

Abdisamad’s journey

The Challenge

It has been over two decades since the Republic of Somalia collapsed, out of which came the Republic of Somaliland. Generations have grown up knowing only a war-torn society. There is a desperate need to rebuild infrastructure, extend educational opportunities and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

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The Need

Somaliland, a self-proclaimed, but internationally unrecognized, independent state in what was formerly northwest Somalia, provides a promising, stable place to start, but needs help to overcome staggering obstacles.

More About Abaarso's Story
News and Updates
Press Releases
60 Minutes | CBS News - Posted 1 month ago
Starr Students

Abaarso, its students, and founder, Jonathan Starr, were all featured on a 60 Minutes and 60 Minutes Overtime segment.

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The New York Times - Posted 2 months ago
From Somaliland to Harvard

NYT columnist, Nicholas Kristof, writes about Abaarso alumnus and Harvard student, Abdisamad.

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